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Due to their tiny sizes, and perhaps also some luck, Jacob and Billy were able to get across the backlot and towards the rear of the Gator Saloon undetected.

Throughout the trip, however, Jacob noticed that Billy still seemed rather quiet, nervous and unsure. But he did know why, and he stood by his side as best as he could.  

“Don't worry, Billy,” Jacob said with a smile. “Bruno will help us save everyone. Then, we don't have to be alone anymore.”

Billy gave a gentle smile and a nod, acknowledging Jacob.

They arrived at the Saloon and happened upon a door that was ajar. There seemed to be nobody near it, so Jacob and Billy darted right on inside. They then stuck to the far wall and eased on down the hallway. Along the way, Jacob propped his ear against every door they came across, staying alert for any signs of Bruno. And Billy remained as close to Jacob as possible.

They were so busy listening out for Bruno, however, that they did not notice somebody coming out of a door on the other side of the hall...Not until they heard her shocked, piercing shriek.

Jacob and Billy immediately jumped and turned towards the somebody who had spotted them...It was Red Pheasant, the same girl they had seen kissing Bruno at the club earlier!

“Pests! Lordy, we got PESTS here now!” Red shouted in disgust.

Jacob and Billy, rather than try and talk to her, instead trusted their instincts and made a break down the hall. But they didn't get very far, as another door opened right in front of them, and another figure stepped out.

“Simmer down, Red! Whadaya think yer - “

The figure paused as he laid eyes on Jacob and Billy. The two of them stopped in their tracks and slowly peered up at the figure in shock and fear. But they recognized this figure as well. The rotund build, the dark clothes, the gold chain and belt buckle, the big scaly tail...

It was none other than Bosley Scales himself.

Jacob and Billy didn't know what to do, as they stared up at the towering reptile. Bosley, on the other hand, looked over them with understated surprise. But then a warm smile came across his face.

“Well hey there, lil' fellas,” Bosley said warmly. “Are ya lost?”

“Uh, n-no,” Jacob squeaked nervously, and with a lack of other things to say. “We're...We're just...”

“Hey, take it easy, y'all,” Bosley said as gently as possible. “No need to get scared. I eat mostly fish, ya know.” He chuckled, causing his belly to jiggle, then bent down and lowered his clawed hand down to Jacob and Billy. “It's all right. Just climb onto my hand.”

The two boys hesitated at first. But then Jacob realized that Bosley was as close to Bruno as anyone could be, and that he might be able to help them. He gave a nod to Billy, then they both stepped onto the alligator's large hand. Bosley then lifted them up to his face, his eyes letting them know that they were in good hands.

“Well Red,” Bosley chuckled, turning his attention to Red, “No offense, but ya gotta feel real silly right about now. I mean, they're just kids.”

Red was, indeed, all red in the face, and sporting a sour and embarrassed expression.

Bosley's eyes turned back to the boys. “Sorry, don't mind her. She was just, surprised.”

“It's,” Jacob said, “It's OK.”

Billy just simply rolled his eyes.

“Now,” Bosley continued, “What would two young ones such as yerselves be doing in a place like this?”

Jacob gulped. Being in the presence of Bosley still made him scared and nervous, but he and Billy had to trust him. So he spoke up, “We're...We're here to see Bruno. Please?”

“Bruno?” Bosley repeated. “Ya mean Bruno Gold.”

“What other Bruno is there?” Billy asked. He seemed to be slowly going back to his old self.

“Good point,” Bosley chuckled.

But as he looked over Jacob, his memory came back to him: The mysterious “friend” of Bruno told him earlier that a mouse-boy was going to try and take Bruno away from Bosleywood. And there was the supposed mouse-boy, right in his hand.

“But,” Bosley continued, sounding a little uneasy, “I gotta ask ya something. Do either of ya...Happen to know a weird fella with a British accent? Claims to be a 'friend' of Bruno?”

Jacob gasped in surprise. He had a good idea of who this “friend” likely was.

“The Chancellor!” Jacob squeaked.

“Yeah, we know him,” Billy said, “But he's NOT with us! AND you can't trust him!”

“Yeah!” Jacob said. “We need Bruno for something very important! Please! Please, let us talk to him!”

Bosley looked over the boys again. Maybe they did want to take Bruno away...But, it sounded like it was for a very just and important reason. It's not like he trusted the Chancellor all that much anyway.

“All right,” Bosley nodded. “Ya look like nice, honest young boys. So I'll take ya to him.”

“Yes!” Billy exclaimed with a jump and a flap of his wings.

“Oh, thank you, Bosley, sir!” Jacob said, smiling widely and bowing his head. “Thank you!”

“Don't mention it, lil' one,” Bosley said, his warm smile coming back.

So Bosley, with Red accompanying, proceeded back down the hall to the recording studio where Bruno was, carrying Jacob and Billy. Along the way, Red seemed to study the boys as well, wondering what their intentions were....And wondering if they were similar to her's.

Back in the recording booth, Bruno strummed his guitar to try and take his mind off the voices in his head. Then, he looked up and saw Bosley walk back into the studio, along with Red. Bosley then knocked on the door to the recording booth.

“Hey Bruno,” Bosley said, “Ya got visitors.”

“Oh, do I?” Bruno chuckled lightly. “Are they fans?”

“Not exactly,” Bosley replied, opening the door and walking in with the boys in hand. “They say they got something important to ask ya.”

Bruno looked at the two tiny visitors in Bosley's palm, and he recognized one of them right away.

“Billy?” he asked the blue jay. “What are you doing here? Where are your parents?”

“Long story,” Billy sighed.

“So ya know 'em?” Bosley asked.

“One of 'em I do,” Bruno replied. “But you,” he continued, eying Jacob curiously, “I've never seen before. What's your name, little guy?”

“Jacob,” the mouse responded.

“Well, it's,” Bruno continued, smiling a little, “Nice to meet you, Jacob. But, what are you two doing here?” In Bruno's mind, he was afraid to ask that question, for he had a feeling of what their answer would be.

“Bruno,” Jacob said, stepping up onto one of Bosley's fingers, “If you please...We...We...” He sighed heavily and closed his eyes, afraid of what Bruno's reaction would be, “We need you back at the farm...To raise the sun again.”

Bruno's brow narrowed, and he had a look of slight disgust on his face. Meanwhile, Bosley and Red watched on with looks of surprise.

“Raise,” Red repeated, dumbfounded, “The sun?”

“So,” Bruno said bitterly, “You all...Need ME to come back to the farm....You all need me to crow...And raise the sun again?”

Jacob, seeing and hearing Bruno's reaction, shivered and nodded fearfully.

“Pfft, yeah,” Bruno continued, “Like I can actually do it right.”

“But Bruno!” Jacob squeaked out without thinking, “You don't understand!”

“No, I understand, all right!” Bruno retorted. “I understand that you only need me to be a laughingstock again!” He threw his guitar to the floor and then turned in his stool. “Well, I'm not going back! All that is in the past. I'm never going to be laughed at ever again. I've got a future now, right here in Bosleywood...”

“Wait, hold up,” Bosley cut in. “YOU'RE the one who's been makin' the sun rise all this time?”

Bruno sighed in a heavy, agitated fashion. “Maybe I THOUGHT I was, but I was wrong. I was nothing but a fraud...”

“But Bruno!” Jacob yelled, “It was the Chancellor! The Chancellor tricked you! He tricked everyone!” He sniffled, with tears forming in his eyes. “But...He didn't trick me.”

Bruno turned his head slightly back towards Jacob. “The Chancellor?” he repeated curiously.

“Yes,” Jacob nodded. “He made a fake sunrise, to trick you and make you move to the city. Now he's destroyed the farm, made all these storms....He even captured everyone. Please, Bruno...You need to come back, and save everyone. Please...”

Everyone fell silent. Bruno pondered everything that Jacob had said.

“Boy,” Red uttered, “That's a heck of a lot to take in.”

“So, lemme see if I got this,” Bosley said. “You're the one who's been responsible for makin' the sun go up every day, but this Chancellor fella made ya think you weren't, and that's why yer here. Come to think of it...The sun hasn't come up proper in five days.”

“I'm not even sure,” Bruno sighed. “I made my place here, at the Rockabilly Jamboree. And, what if I'm not qualified to raise the sun anymore? What if it's been passed on to some other rooster? The Chancellor probably made sure of that...”

“Bruno,” Bosley said gently, putting his other hand on Bruno's shoulder. “Hey...I think this calls for a little musical intervention,” he continued with a smirk. “'Cause this reminds me of a song.”

Bosley deposited Jacob and Billy onto a nearby spare stool, before picking up Bruno's guitar, handing it back to him, and turning him back around. “Here, ya can back me up.” He then sat in the stool opposite Bruno and pulled a harmonica out of the back pocket of his pants.

“Hit it,” Bosley said. Bruno started to gently strum while Bosley played a slow, bluesy harmony on the harmonica. Then he started to sing, in his gravelly but soulful voice:

         "Well back in the day,
         I had them big dreams.
         And they led me here.

         I left behind my papa, and my mama.
         I found myself a lovely girl,
         And married her.

         And here I came,
         Away from them all.

         But I ain't forgotten them.

         And them dreams,
         They keep me here.
         But I still long
         For that place called home.

         For my papa, and my mama,
         And that lovely girl,
         That I married,

         I would do anything for 'em,
         In spite of them dreams.
         I can always return
         To that place called home."

Then Bruno sang a part, gently:

         "To that place called home.

Bosley did another solo on the harmonica, before continuing to sing:

         "Well ol' Red here,
         She was always a bad girl.
         Always wanting to take on
         Such a big world."

Red opened her mouth as if to protest, but she cut herself off. Instead, she continued to listen, solemnly.

         "She had them big dreams,
         And they led her here.

         She left behind her papa, and her mama.
         They didn't like
         Them big dreams.
         So she never looked back.

         So here she came,
         Away from them all.

         And she had forgotten 'em.

         The spotlight,
         And them dreams,
         They keep her here.
         But she no longer got
         That place called home.

         No longer got her papa, or her mama,
         Only got herself,
         'Cause they didn't like
         Them big dreams.

         But she could do anything for 'em,
         In spite of them dreams.
         If only she could return
         To that place called home."

As Bosley went into his next harmonica solo, Red lowered her head and covered her face. Bruno and Jacob thought they could hear her quietly sniffling and crying. When Bosley resumed singing, he turned directly to Bruno:

        "Well and you there,
        You had them big dreams,
        But they couldn't lead you here.

        You stayed behind,
        They had a need for you,
        And your crowin'.

        But that changed,
        And here you came,
        Away from them all.

        Oh, whoa...
        And you,
        You had forgotten 'em.

        But they,
        Oh, whoa,
        They still need you.

        If ya can't crow,
        If ya can't make that sun shine,
        They still need you.
        They still trust you.

        The past,
        And them dreams,
        They keep ya here.
        You think you no longer got
        That place called home.

        No longer got the folks ya care for,
        Only got yerself.
        'Cause they may not like
        Them big dreams.

        But you should do anything for 'em,
        You could do anything for 'em,
        In spite of them dreams.

        In fact...
        They may like
        Them big dreams.

        But you can always return,
        Whoa, oh, whoa,
        You can always return,

        To that place called home."

Bruno, looking rather guilty, sang solemnly:

        "To that place

Bosley then finished the song:

         "Whoa yeah,
         To that place called...

Jacob, Billy, and Red all clapped for Bosley and Bruno.

“Now THAT'S how ya do a song,” Bosley chuckled as he put his harmonica away. “But in all seriousness, Bruno...Even if ya can't do yer job the way ya used to, the least ya can do is be there for the people ya love. And if they need you, you go out there and help 'em any way ya can. Ya know I would do that for my wife.” He sighed longingly. “Gosh, I miss her so much.”

Bruno put his guitar down and thought about everything Bosley and Jacob had said. As he did so, the hurtful voices inside his head began to fade away.

“Bosley,” Bruno said, “You're right. The farm needs me!” He then stood up defiantly, with a renewed determination. “I need to save my friends!”

Jacob and Billy jumped and cheered for Bruno.

But then Jacob gasped again, remembering something. “Caulson! Mr. Jay! Lucky and Peggy!”

“What about them?” Bruno asked, on high alert.

“They're being held in the old trailer!” Jacob squeaked. “The old grey one!”

“Yeah, attached to the pickup truck!” Billy added.

“What??” Bruno exclaimed. “Then I had better go after them!” He was all ready to jump out the door.

“Whoa, hold up there, Bruno!” Bosley exclaimed, holding his hands up to Bruno. “I don't think ya should go at this alone...'Cause I'm goin' with ya!”

“Us too!” Jacob and Billy said in unison, as Billy picked Jacob up and flew up to rest on Bruno's shoulder.

“Ohhhh, what the heck!” Red said, throwing her arms up in the air. “I'm here, I might as well go too!” Billy didn't look too happy at that proclamation, but he didn't protest it either.

Bruno looked all around at everyone throwing their support behind him. He smiled and nodded, more determined than ever. “Then let's go!” And all five of them ran out of the studio and back out into the hall, towards the backlot...
Rock-a-Doodle: The Golden Rooster - Chapter 15
In this chapter, Jacob finally finds Bruno...But convincing him to come back to his old life won't be easy. What will it take?

This chapter also contains the first song sung by Bosley, "That Place Called Home". It's a soft blues/rock type song, with only an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, and singing voices playing. Enjoy!

Original Rock-a-Doodle movie/story is copyright Don Bluth and the Samuel Goldwyn Company.

Remake, FCs and song are copyright :iconblackbluedawg:

Cover illustration is copyright :iconbennythebeast:
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